Mountain Cur Temperament and Lifespan

The Mountain Cur is not an easygoing and obedient dog, thus it is not suitable for first-time owners. He is tough and courageous, so he can easily confront an angry and large cat. The Cur is a decisive and dauntless dog. He can trail quietly which makes him a good guard dog, but he is not perfect for suburbia. Trailing ability varies from dog to dog but all of them have a good nose for tracking game. Many Curs possess an ability to climb trees. These dogs can perfectly hunt raccoons, large game, and squirrels. This dog has a great desire to please his owner. He protects his property and family well and can become over-protective. The Mountain Cur needs proper training the objective of which should be showing the pack leader status. The humans must make decisions, not dogs. Only in this case, the relationship with your dog will be successful. Curs live 12-16 years on average.

How Much Does a Mountain Cur Cost and Price Range

The price of a Mountain Cur puppy varies from place to place and is determined by a number of issues. First of all, it is the quality of a dog. Purebreds are the most expensive. Show quality dogs are also expensive, but pet dogs are somewhat cheaper. You are going to pay around $1500 and $4500 for a puppy of this breed. It is better to purchase one from a reputable breeder who knows this stuff and has enough experience of dog breeding.

Mountain Cur Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The dog of this breed has heavy coat that is generally considered to be short. It is rough or smooth. There is also a soft, fine undercoat. Common colors of these dogs include brindle, yellow, black, brindle and black. You can often see white points on the dog's body. Breeders report that more than 50% of puppies are born with bobtails. As the Mountain Cur has short hair it is easy to groom. You will need to comb and brush it occasionally in order to remove dead and loose hair. The dog does shed but not too excessively. So, you can control the amount of hair in your house by regular grooming. Bathe your pet only when it is really necessary - when he is too smelly or dirty. Bathing can be harmful for the dog as it can dry out his skin, causing certain problems. Check the ear canal for infections and keep it free of excess hair. The average height of this dog is 18 - 26 inches (46 - 66 cm), while the weight is 30 - 60 pounds (13 - 27 kg).

Mountain Cur Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

The Mountain Cur is a dog with perfect working abilities. He is rugged and stocky, very muscular and wide. He has a strong, big head and short, prominent, higher set ears. His neck is also very muscular. The eyes are generally dark and expressive, the muzzle is heavy. The dog has catlike strong feet, straight legs and a muscular chest. The Mountain Cur is not suited for living in an apartment. He will be happy to live in a big house and to work regularly. As he is active, he needs a lot of exercise every day. It can involve walking, jogging or hunting.

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