Rottweiler Dog Temperament and Lifespan

To understand Rottweiler's temperament, it's important to consider this breed origin. Generally speaking, this dog is steady, loving, calm, loyal, brave and intelligent. He likes to stay in the surrounding of people and children. He is usually very devoted to his owner, obedient, and eager to do whatever he is said. This doggy can be very protective and fearless in dangerous situations. Rottweiler is confident and brave, it is able to quickly adapt to new living conditions.

The bigger the dog, the shorter lifespan it has. While a small dog, such as a chihuahua, may live 15-20 years, Rottweiler has a shorter lifespan. A healthy dog of an average size is expected to live 8-12 years. Usually, female Rottweilers live about 2 years longer than males. To prolong the life of your pet, take him to your vet regularly, consider his diet and involve him in physical exercise.

How Much Does a Rottweiler Dog Cost and Price Range

The cost of a Rottweiler puppy significantly depends on the breeding of the dog. Purchasing a badly breed dog will cause you a lot of trouble. A middle-sized healthy Rottweiler will cost you $2,000.00 - $3,000.00, but the price can vary depending on the breeder you are buying from and the country where you are.

Rottweiler Dog Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Rottweilers are characterized with a short double coat that is shorter on the ears, head, and legs. The outer coat is coarse and straight. These dogs are always black with mahogany to rust markings. Usually, you can find these markings on the cheeks, over the eyes, on the muzzle, beneath the tail, and on the chest and legs. You can also see tan lines on the toes. The Rottweiler sheds not very abundantly but it may occur all year round. Brush your pet weekly with a firm brush. Bathe him when it is necessary.

Rottweilers are really large, however, male dogs are usually bigger than females. They weigh 45-60 kilograms (99-130 pounds) and stand 61-69 centimeters (24-27 inches). The female dog is a bit smaller than the male. She weighs 35-52 kilograms (77-115 pounds) and stands 56-63 centimeters (22-25 inches).

Rottweiler Dog Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

The Rottweiler breed originated in Germany. Its name comes from the name of a German town, Rottweil. A purebred "Red Rottweiler" can be produced but they are rare. Although these dogs are big and strong, they can be subjected to a number of health conditions. That is why it is advised to take your pet to the specialist regularly. It is interesting to know that the earliest Rottweiler breed colors included grey, blue, red, "tiger striped" and even white.

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